Band Bio

Shambertans formed in Cambridge in 2019 and quickly developed a sound that is contemporary but familiar. With a focus on melody and vocal hooks, the songs are coupled with an energetic rhythm section that is best served live and loud. Their influences stretch across the decades and the band like to lean into those sounds to bring variety to their songs with anything from the softer folk emanating from their debut single Found to the hard-driven indie tones used on songs like Wallflower and Standing on the Dancefloor. If you aren’t tapping along to these tunes, then something has gone wrong with your feet. 

During 2019, Singer James and Guitarist Simon had been playing and singing together for a little while, mostly in random settings such as a karaoke bar in Tokyo, singing Hey Jude to the crowd. Later that year Sam joined the duo bringing his bouncing country music vibe to the rock songs. This was closely followed by Adam on drums – bringing his experience from Cambridge band “From the Sticks” and his substantial hair to complete the rhythm section. 

Since then, Shambertans have been gigging regularly and writing prolifically with over 20 original songs performed over the year. Winning their semi-final of the Cambridge Band Competition, like many in the industry their high-hopes of a breakout 2020 summer were dashed, but they have continued to practice, write and record when possible. Their new EP – Wallflower – will be launched in November 2020.